Three Reasons Why You Should Use Lube With The Rabbit Vibrator

Is It Necessary To Use Lube With The Rabbit Vibrator?

One question that I cannot hear enough is why a woman would need to use lubricant when using a rabbit vibrator and a place for FapFapGuy. I understand that women naturally have the ability to lubricate their sexual organ, however, when using any type of sex toy, especially the rabbit vibrator, it is important to use some type of lubricant.

I’m a young lady myself, and I understand that the thought of having to use an outside lubricant to stick something inside of your vagina that already lubricates itself seems a little silly. To give you an idea of why lubricant is necessary when using the rabbit vibrator, I compiled a small list of things for you to think about.


  1. When some women are under extreme stress, their bodies will not naturally remain lubricated. This is where a good lube would come into play. Even though mentally you want to pleasure yourself, your mind may be drifting off about other things that are going on in your life, not allowing you to focus on the pleasure that you are experiencing.
  2. Women that are older in age do not have the ability to stay wet for an elongated frame of time. I understand that we all age, and you must understand that too. Even though in the past, you may have been able to go all night with a guy or a toy, things change and your body changes. You cannot erase what time has done, but you can still enjoy the same things you did in the past, just by using a little bit of lube when masturbating.
  3. Some women find sex toys uncomfortable, so they have a difficult time reaching orgasm when they are in use. Vibrators and sex toys and even the rabbit vibrator are not what you would call aesthetically appealing. However, for what these toys do, they do get the job done. When you are not pleased visually, you may not be able to get wet like you would if you were engaged in a sexual encounter with someone else, therefore to keep you going you need to use some lube.

Using a lubricant when using the rabbit vibrator, does not make you any less than a woman. I am young women, who is only twenty-five years old and I have personally had some problems in the wetness department in the past. Extended sex times and extreme orgasms can make you go from dripping with cum to completely drying up.

Not to mention, if you are like me and suffer from a hormonal imbalance that causes your body to go crazy sometimes, then you must understand that sometimes you cannot influence the way that your body naturally lubricates itself. Instead of deciding that you are not going to use the rabbit vibrator to pleasure yourself, simply invest in a good water based lubricant and get to work. Not only will the lubricant ensure that the initial insertion is not painful, but in a way, it actually adds to the excitement of the entire ordeal.

Stimulate Your Female G-spot With A G-spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrator| How to Stimulate the Female G-Spot| G-Spot Vibrators Work the Best at Stimulating the Female G-spot

A G-Spot Vibrator Will Always Hit You In The Right Spots

G-spot stimulation can be achieved in many different ways. While some scientists believe that the female g-spot does not exist, there are some women that swear by this part of their bodies. This is one of the main reasons why g-spot vibrator toys have become so popular in modern day sexual encounters. These toys, along with fingers, and special sexual positions are all geared towards one thing, stimulating the female g-spot.

The Finger Technique- Most women and men will attempt to stimulate the female g-spot by using their fingers first. The reason why I mentioned men as well, is because most men are apt to sticking their fingers inside of a girl, then girls are to sticking their fingers inside of themselves. Perhaps, this is because some women still have a problem with self stimulation, all I know is I tend to always do what feels the best to me.

When using the finger technique, you will need to curl your fingers towards your belly button. This is where the female g-spot normally appears on females. You will feel a small lump of skin, that once touched, sends chills up and down your spine; this area is your female g-spot.

Curved G-spot Vibrator Toys- One of the best ways to locate your g-spot, and give yourself a g-spot orgasm is by using curved g-spot vibrator toys. These toys are designed to rest upon the female g-spot when used, so you will always end up receiving the amount of pleasure that you desire. You can tell the difference between a g-spot vibrator and a traditional one, because the g-spot style will always have a larger top surface than the traditional style toy.

G-Spot Friendly Sexual Positions- There is one sexual position that you can do with a partner that increases the amount of g-spot stimulation that you will experience. This position is the doggy style position. When you are down on your hands and knees, and a guy is doing you from behind, he has a better chance of reaching your female g-spot. One thing we can say about dogs is they know a lot about sex, for some odd reason.

G-Spot Motions- Even though fingering kind of fits into the same category as g-spot motions, all in all it’s not the same thing. Fingering, simply involves sticking your finger inside of your vagina, and moving it back and forth-either in slow motion or at a rapid speed. G-spot motions involve taking your finger and using it to stimulate the g-spot in different ways.

There are a lot of different ways that you can stimulate the female g-spot, but believe it or not, one of the most popular ways is through the use of a g-spot vibrator. With a g-spot vibrator, women can always ensure that they are touching themselves in the right spot. As female masturbation, stops becoming a taboo thing, more and more women are beginning to experiment with g-spot stimulation. Just because you’re a woman, does not mean that you cannot be a sexual being at the same time.