Have You Ever Thought About Making A Couple of Fleshlight Videos Using The Ice Mouth Crystal?

Fleshlight Videos| The Ice Mouth Crystal| Watch Yourself And Let Others Watch You Get Pleased

It Is Hard To Find Fleshlight Videos That Feature The Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight

The Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight has to be one of the most unique male sex toys that I have ever seen. The toy looks like a flashlight, like all of the other Fleshlight toys tend to do, but one thing that stands out about it is its completely translucent. You can see yourself getting yourself off, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I have not see the Ice Mouth Crystal being used in a lot of the Fleshlight videos that I watch. I have probably seen every other Fleshlight on the planet being used in Fleshlight videos aside from the Ice Mouth Crystal. I personally think it’s kind of odd that no other guy finds this toy irresistible. Or maybe, it’s the fact that a lot of guys are like me and would prefer to treasure using the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight on their own time, as opposed to posting a few Fleshlight videos of themselves on the internet.

Whatever, all I know is this toy is something that is completely out of this world. The front portion of the toy was designed to emulate the appearance of a ladies mouth. There are two large lips that welcome your hard cock into its interior chambers. Inside of these emulative lips, you will find a tight little hole where your cock is intended to go.

Once you have made your way inside of the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight, there is no going back. You can watch as your cock travels down the treasure chambers of this innovative toy. In a way, you are kind of making your own Fleshlight videos by watching yourself physically get yourself off.

Guys are very visual creatures. I know if my girl would let me watch my cock enter into her tight wet love chamber, I would never want to stop having sex with her, well I don’t want to stop now, and I can’t physically see anything while I’m doing her, you guys get my drift. The Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight kind of makes the fantasy world and real life connect on a deeper level.

I don’t know any guy in the world that would not admit to wanting to see himself getting pleased. If you have ever wondered what’s really going on inside of the male sex toys that you use, then you will appreciate the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight. Don’t worry about squirting your load inside of the toy, because that’s what it’s made for.

I am going to put this out here for anyone that wants to take my opinion if you were to make a couple of Fleshlight videos showing you using the Ice Mouth Crystal Fleshlight to help you induce orgasm, you can make some extra side cash. Do you have any idea how many girls and guys would be willing to watch you masturbate, and perhaps pay you for it? I know I am desperate to see the different techniques that some people have thought up while using the Ice Mouth Crystal male sex toy. I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free to bring them my way.

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